Hello members and friends! We hope everyone is having a happy and safe LGBT history month. Here at PoI we marked the occasion, which happens to coincide with our second anniversary, with a nice half page spread in the programme at our recent game against West Brom. How many of you also saw our banner flying proudly?We have also finalised our plans for this year’s Pride, and we are excited to announce we’ll be once again marching as a group. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend the invitation to all of you to come and join us this year to make it even bigger and better than last summer’s march for us.


We had a great turn out last year, with over 25 members joining us, including a dog!


We marched alongside other London football LGBT supporters group, and it was really nice for PoI to have such a strong and proud presence, we really were a sea of claret and blue. Our new banner had its first official outing and I’d like to say we all took it in turns to carry, but it was mostly Al and Dave 1.


Pride is always our biggest event of the year, and it’s been great for us to meet so many of our members. Last year a family joined us with their young son, who took on the job of distributing our PoI stickers with great responsibility and dedication. I don’t think a single person we walked past was not adorned with one, including EastEnders’s Danny-Boy Hatchard. What a great way to raise the group’s profile.


After the march we carried on the celebrations well into the evening, celebrations that involved far more beer that was probably advisable.

Whilst Pride is always a fun celebration we really take value from the opportunity it gives for not just us as football fans, but for all LGBTQ+ individuals, to have a presence and a place to protest, for our individuality be accepted and celebrated, for us to extend this solidarity and support across the globe. In times of political uncertainty and unrest it’s more important now than ever for our voices to be heard and for us to shout loud and proud.

So we hope you will be joining us this year! We are always available if you have any questions or concerns regarding Pride or the group, and as always COYI!

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