Hello fellow members. We hope you’re enjoying the start of the new season. Although, we can’t say shipping ten goals in three games really constitutes enjoyment for West Ham fans, so we thought we’d take a trip back to happier times.

Although it’s hard to believe summer ever existed, back on a blinding hot day in July, members of Pride of Irons met to march in our third Pride event. As the biggest event in our social calendar, we worked hard to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible, and we don’t think anyone was let down.


After a quick drink in The Metropolitan we all made sure we were suited and booted (or rather rainbow laced and face painted) before we found our place in the parade.



Before long the parade started to move, and so it was time to reveal our special guest for the day… West Ham’s very own Hammerhead!


What can we say about Hammerhead? He was an absolute legend – for the whole two hours of the parade he danced, he ran, he entertained. Who in the crowd watching saw him? Did you get a high five?


We can’t thank West Ham enough for loaning Hammerhead out to us, and we really cannot thank Hammerhead more. He really made us stand out and gave West Ham the biggest presence of all the football teams marching at Pride.

A summary of our Pride even though wouldn’t be complete though without the hugest shout out to our biggest entertainer, Kenzie.


Kenzie absolutely gave Hammerhead a run for his money, and some would say surpassed him with entertaining the crowds. We don’t think any of us stopped smiling as we watched him run between barriers, raising cheers, sharing high fives, handing out stickers and making sure everyone who saw him remembered Pride of Irons.

Marching in Pride is always so much fun, but we are always aware that our presence at the Parade is a protest too, and a fight, for equality amongst all LGBT people in both the football community and the wider society.

So, the challenge for us now is, how do we keep making Pride bigger and better? Ideas on a postcard please…


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