As usual, we’ll be having a meet-up for members before the next home game. It’s a late kick-off, so we’ll be meeting from about 3:30pm onwards on Saturday 4th November, at the usual bar. If you haven’t already done so, join our matchday WhatsApp group (members, see your emails) If you’re joining us for the first time don’t forget to grab an exclusive, smart Pride of Irons badge from one of the committee members.

We’ll also be joined on the day by Ben Collier. He’s a filmmaker currently completing a Masters degree in documentary filmmaking at UCL, and has approached us to make a short film about Pride of Irons. As part of the filming he’s very interested in talking to some new Pride of Irons members so if anyone has recently joined the group or will be attending the matchday get-together this Saturday for the first time and wouldn’t mind speaking to Ben then it would be great. You don’t have to commit to anything so feel free to just send a casual email with general questions you might have to start.

Additionally, Ben has stressed to all members that he’s fully aware that not everyone may want to be filmed / appear on camera so if you don’t want to be filmed then just let him or any of the POI committee members know and we will make sure that your wishes are respected.

See you Saturday.


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