At our most recent AGM, we said goodbye to some absolute stalwarts of Pride of Irons, and introduced some fresh blood.

Those stepping down from the committee were George Webster (events), David Springer (social media), and co-chair Carol Hinvest. We are so so grateful for all the work Carol, David and George put in during their time on the committee. They are still members of Pride of Irons of course, so you’ll still get to see lots of them at our events and meet ups. Although with George leaving, that does beg the question….who’s going to plan our events?!

Well we have two new committee members, Jo Bailey and Richael O’Brien (that’s me, hiya!). Jo joins as co-chair, while I will be a committee member, helping out where I’m needed. There’s more information about your committee here, and you’ve also got our social media handles there if you would like to reach out.

Carol, Dave, and George, we cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done so far and hope that you enjoy a well earned break from committee business.

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