My name is Brandi, and I am a new and very proud member of Pride of Irons. About a year ago I finally started to live as my true self and transitioned from Male to Female. I have been a West Ham supporter since the mid 90’s and of course my love for football and … Continue reading Brandi


I had no interest in football until the 1966 World Cup final while with the Boy Scouts on top of Ben Nevis listening to the radio commentary. On return I visited most London grounds and became hooked on West Ham( and Watford who were 3rd division then). West Ham v Sheffield Wednesday (21/1/1967) was my … Continue reading David


I heard about the West Ham LGBT supporters club just as it was starting and decided to join. My original reason for joining was to show support to the group as, as with most new things, numbers matter. I live outside London so knew that I would never be an active member in terms of attending events or being part of a committee. My first London … Continue reading Jamie


I joined Pride of Irons for two reasons. The first is a selfish one: I had been going to games alone for a few years, with a larry lonesome season ticket in the East Stand at Upton Park. My friends were all Arsenal or Spurs fans, and when I heard about POI I suddenly saw … Continue reading Kez


I joined POI because as an openly gay man, I still had a barrier of keeping my sexuality separate from football. I wanted to be myself at football, and wanted to meet other LGBT fans in a safe space where we could talk about football and how LGBT affects matchdays and the club. I found … Continue reading Lewis