Wow, what a weekend! Stonewall launched their rainbow laces campaign, and Pride of Irons were delighted to play a starring role.

Who else was at the game on Friday? You wouldn’t have been able to miss the abundance of rainbows throughout the stadium, and we really hope you saw our logo displayed on the electronic wraparound. To say we were excited about it is an understatement, there was lots of photo taking up at the top bar at the Podium and gleeful pointing every time it came round.


Those of you who were watching before the game may have caught some of our members on Sky Sports Premier’s Carling’s In Off the Bar, along with our Co-Chair Jim. Jim’s husband has written about the experience in his blog post here –we’d love to hear your feedback if you caught it!

For those who braved the cold and made it to the London Stadium, you would have been treated to a different viewing experience. The Club asked us for a pre-game pitch side interview, an opportunity we were certainly not going to turn down. Around 7.30pm Al and I made our way down the tunnel to be interviewed by Kelly and our faces were projected on the giant stadium screens. Al did the group proud with his articulate answers, whereas I stood frozen by his side hyper aware that Mark Noble was warming up mere metres away.



Some of those of you who joined us at Pride this year may have also spotted yourself in the match day programme, alongside a message about PoI and the rainbow laces campaign from Jim. We hope you all picked up a copy.


The game happened, Winston Reid wore his rainbow captain’s arm band, West Ham didn’t lose and the atmosphere inside the stadium was buzzing. All in all not bad for a cold November Friday night.

Oh, and all the publicity for the group from the weekend has resulted in a few new followers…



aaaWe’re so excited with how the group is growing and we look forward to you all joining us on the adventure ahead. Come On You Irons!

By Lorna Severn (@BakingBlues)

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